14 years old


Khristian is a great conversationalist and is very engaging with people he meets.  He likes to play basketball, football, pool, and build things with Legos. He enjoys exploring the outdoors and swimming and hiking. Khristian takes great pride in his work and is a perfectionist in getting things done correctly - he also loves to be of service when someone needs assistance. Khristian likes to dress in nice clothes and will spend a lot of time perfecting his hair style. Khristian is very caring, kind, and polite. He opens doors for others and always remembers to say "thank you.”

Khristian is a very resilient boy with the fortitude to keep going, even when things are difficult for him. He loves being told when he is doing a good job and that he is thought of and loved. Khristian hopes for a forever family that spends time together watching movies and doing outdoor activities. He would also love a younger sibling and some pets.

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