13 years Old


Kayden loves math, science, and technology. His strengths include math and building/constructing using his Lego sets. He is interested in and good with wires and electronics. He dreams of having his own iPhone, iPad, and Apple watch. Kayden enjoys virtual reality and playing video games on his Xbox, as well as playing outdoors and being active. He likes to skateboard, ride his bicycle, and would benefit from continued involvement in team sports. He has played Little League baseball and wants to continue to improve his skills and ability to be a good teammate. He is a sweet boy with a fun personality, and he can often be goofy. Kayden also enjoys laughing, joking, and hanging out with others. Kayden loves tacos, tamales, and BBQ chicken. Kayden enjoys listening to different types of music but says Christian music is his favorite. He likes to sing but jokes that he isn't very good at it!

Kayden wants a two-parent family, not necessarily with a mother and a father. His forever family will engage him in a calm, nurturing, and respectful manner. He will benefit from structure but doesn’t respond well to male authority figures whom he feels are too strict or uncompromising. Kayden does best when he feels a sense of belonging and receives a good amount of attention. He is likely to thrive in a home where he is the only child or one of only a few children. Kayden recognizes he is getting older and wants to be part of a family where he can feel trusted enough to stay home alone. Kayden loves all kinds of animals and would enjoy a home with pets.

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