Photography by

Marilyn Griggs Photography


19 years Old


Jamel is a child who is a joy to be around. He receives in-home schooling from the school district once a week. The school provides for Jamel to be read to one time a week for 30 minutes. Jamel is a very happy child who loves to "cuddle." He enjoys listening to music and the television. Jamel is able to recognize familiar voices and often times reacts to the voices. He has recently started responding to his environment through vocalizations and smiles. After spending thirty minutes with Jamel, any one who has had contact with him cannot help but have love for this adorable child. 

Jamel is medically fragile, and he would need a family who would be willing to spend time with him to learn his medical needs prior to placement. The adoptive family would need to have the ability and education to continue Jamel's current level of care. Jamel needs a family who will help him experience the world outside his wheelchair and continue to provide environmental stimulation. The adoptive family would need to be able to advocate for his physical and emotional needs.

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