Photography by

Jessica Odom Photography


10 years Old


Efren has a great sense of humor and a happy disposition.  He is quick to be silly and enjoys making his friends laugh. He is curious and enjoys exploring his surroundings. Efren likes trains and music and has an artistic side. He enjoys tracing, scribbling on colored paper, and seeing pictures of families and scenery.

Efren is diagnosed with epilepsy, and experiences some developmental delays, but, he can sing his ABC’s and repeat numbers with guidance and he understands basic concepts of colors, shapes, and categories. Efren communicates through a combination of words, verbalizations, and gestures. He likes to participate in small groups and looks forward to one-on one individual attention and will thrive in a stable, structured home environment where behavioral expectations are clear, age-appropriate, and consistent.

Efren’s parents will need to make a positive commitment to meet his needs to the best of their abilities and offer a stimulating and challenging atmosphere. The best family fit for Efren will need to have reasonable expectations and be willing to celebrate even the smallest achievement. Education and support will be the  keys to his success, along with a protective environment.

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