Heart Gallery

Host a Heart Gallery Exhibit

You can help a child find a forever family by building community awareness for them. If you are part of a business where artwork could be displayed (like a doctor's office, hospital, restaurant, store, etc.) or open to hosting a virtual gallery sharing these children's portraits can greatly increase their likelihood of being adopted.

Do you have a business or an area that you think would be perfect to host the Heart Gallery of Central Texas?

There are four different types of exhibits.:

What kinds of spaces can be used for an exhibit?

Heart Gallery exhibits can be customized for any space and have been everywhere from airports to small churches, salons to cafes, stores to corporate offices, to one-day events and festivals!

How long do exhibits last?

The traveling exhibits can be hosted for a variety of time frames, including one-day special events, or longer-term exhibits. It's really up to you!