“Whenever you feel like you’re alone there’s always someone there for you and for me that’s my mentor, having her in my life opened my eyes to a lot of things, it has helped me have my voice and being confident about it."  - YES Youth

“Having my mentor in my life is having a family I never knew I had, she have helped me through countless of things, when I was going through my rough times, she was there even though she was pregnant, she still made time for me. Having her is the best support system I’ve ever had to be honest because most of the time I don’t even text or check up on her but there she is texting me to check up on me and that right there is one of the best feelings, just someone checking up on you and making sure you’re ok.” - YES Youth

“I love that I get to connect with a younger version of me! Hanging out with my mentee is like going back in time and identifying all the potential mistakes and having the chance to steer someone away from making the same ones” - YES Mentor

“Being a YES mentor is very fulfilling , you have a sense of community and you get to really focus on the building relationship aspect.” - YES Mentor