Rosalina, Hailey, Aspen & Maria

7 years Old

12 years Old

13 years Old

10 years Old


Aspen, Hailey, Maria, and Rosalina are a loving and outgoing bonded sibling group. They are active, humorous, and known to be jokesters. They each have their own way of having fun and making you laugh! Their personalities range from being quiet and reserved, to loud and vocal. Aspen is the eldest sister and enjoys sports, science, and art. Hailey and Maria are the middle sisters, and they are attached at the hip. While Rosalina is the youngest sibling, she is also the boss of the sibling group and is the most independent of them all. All the girls are respectful of others. This sibling group has many interests, and they look forward to being able to engage in different activities after school.

Aspen, Hailey, Maria, and Rosalina’s forever family will be one that is loving and can provide a nurturing home environment. The girls will thrive in a structured environment with preset rules, limits, and expectations for the home. Their family will need to be active as the girls are looking forward to participating in a variety of activities with their forever family. This sibling group desires a two-parent household consisting of both a mother and a father who are willing to get on their level to play and engage with them. They will also enjoy having their own rooms if space allows and have dreams of one day living on a farm with a horse (Maria has a halter, she just needs the horse!). Aspen, Hailey, Maria, and Rosalina love animals, especially dogs, and would like it if their family had animals. Their family will be patient with them, allowing them time to adjust and will be consistent, loving, fixtures in their lives.

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