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14 years Old


Micah is a sweet, polite, and affectionate child. He is a child with special needs and is diagnosed with autism. Micah receives special education services including speech and occupational therapy through the school district. He is non-verbal, but is making progress with therapy.

He is able to relate to others through hugs and holding hands. He gets along with other children, but prefers to play in solitary settings.

Micah enjoys being outdoors and his favorite thing to do is swing. He also likes to swim and jump. Micah enjoys holding things in his hands and dropping them to the floor and picking them back up. He likes small toys such as action figures that will fit in his hands.

Micah would benefit from a family with calm, nurturing, and patient parents that will assist him in advocating for his needs. Micah will thrive with a family that has training and experience working with children with special needs.


Aired February 27, 2019

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