Photography by

Gypc Girl Photography


12 years Old


Khloe is a kid who is not short on creativity, humor, or brains! Science, slime, and the solar system currently hold her interest. She says she’d like to be a running back in the NFL someday, and then perhaps become a science teacher! Khloe is very observant of the people around her and is quick to find ways to make them laugh and feel comfortable. Her soft heart and instinct to defend and protect those she cares for makes her a natural advocate who speaks up for others. A true extrovert, she loves people and connects easily with adults and peers. She’s quite artsy and crafty! It comes easily to her and she's good at it. She’s also good at explaining things to others and drawing them in to participate.

Khloe firmly believes that every child should have a family. At one point, she wished she could be Santa Claus so she could help every kid in the world! She has such a big heart and would like a forever family that will love all of her. A family who has the ability to spend one-on-one time with Khloe and can provide security, love, and healthy boundaries will help her succeed. When asked about her forever family, Khloe wished for two moms and a couple of older siblings! Her forever family will also understand the importance of her maintaining a relationship with her three older siblings.

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