Photography By

Dave Bishea

Kendyl & Isaiah

12 years Old

13 years Old


Isaiah and Kendyl are two fun-loving boys that are always ready for a pickup game. Basketball is their favorite, but they enjoy playing all sports both together and with friends. They love watching their favorite professional and college teams play on TV and in person. Isaiah and Kendyl enjoy engaging with others at home, school, and on social outings that they attend. Isaiah is the older brother of the two, but Kendyl is very close behind him in age. Despite their close age, Kendyl looks up to Isaiah for his approval and opinion when he is making decisions. The two have a very close bond and a playful relationship that is truly special to observe. Isaiah and Kendyl always check in to make sure they are on the same page. The boys also enjoy a good movie night with snacks. Isaiah and Kendyl love to have a good time and are excited to meet their forever family!

Isaiah and Kendyl’s forever family will be a very active family as these brothers love to play sports, be outdoors, and are up for anything that involves friendly competition. Their family will also assist the boys in getting involved in extracurricular activities. Isaiah and Kendyl’s family will need to be open to biological family contact as Isaiah and Kendyl have a strong bond with their other siblings and would like to maintain contact with them.

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