14 years Old


Jazmin is a sweet and playful teen who has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh. She is caring and sensitive toward the feelings of others. She leads with honesty and is a good communicator. She enjoys expressing her creativity through imaginative play, crafting, and drawing. Jazmin is wonderfully curious and is great at asking questions because she loves to learn new things. Her adventurous spirit is always up for trying out new things and experiences! She loves to go out and do fun things like visiting a park, swimming, or window shopping at the mall. Jazmin enjoys being around other peers and is eager to engage in discussion or play to build a connection. She is interested in reading and writing and loves a movie night with popcorn. Jazmin is energetic and active and loves dancing, music, roller skating, riding her bike, and cheerleading. She is a "girly girl” who loves playing with dolls, putting on makeup, and painting her nails. If there is a spa party, Jazmin will be there!

Jazmin's forever family will show her every day, in many ways, that they want her. Her deepest desire is to be wanted, to belong. She has no preference for family type, simply a family who calls her their own. Jazmin thrives on stability and would benefit from a family that has a reliable, consistent schedule and routine. A family who appreciates her humor, has a relaxed demeanor, and can parent with position attention and affirmations would be great. Jazmin misses the snow she used to experience while living in the Northern US and would love to be part of a family who lives in or travels to colder climates.

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