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12 years Old


Faith is a sweet and bubbly youth! She enjoys participating in outdoor activities such as going hiking, kayaking, and swimming. Faith has a garden where she has planted vegetables and enjoys tending to her plants. She enjoys listening to Jojo Siwa's music and playing on the trampoline. Faith also enjoys playing with LOL dolls and other “girly” things. She has fun playing make believe with her toys and friends. Faith enjoys having her hair styled and played with. She also likes to put on makeup for a glamorous look. Faith is very good at puzzles and enjoys putting them together while talking with adults. She adores playing with animals. Faith is happy to help take care of a pet, and she really likes having a dog around to walk, feed and play with.

Faith will thrive in a family who is active and structured, with lots of space for them to play and explore. She will do best in a two-parent household where she can explore who she is without distraction. Faith will benefit from patience and understanding in the home. She needs a family who is calm and supportive when she needs it.

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