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Dunlap Portrait


16 years Old


DeAnthony is a sweet boy who loves to greet others with a big smile and lots of energy! If you ask him about his day, he will tell you about all the activities he has participated in. Some of the things he enjoys are playing video games, watching cartoons, riding a bike, playing sports, and all things sports cars. He also medaled in his school’s Special Olympics this spring! DeAnthony is caring and loving and the best “sibling” to his good friend, Dylon. When his friend is upset, he consoles him and often checks on him to make sure he’s okay. DeAnthony is also a great helper in the classroom and loves to assist his teachers with classroom tasks.

DeAnthony has a current autism diagnosis but is dedicated to learning new behaviors and appropriate coping skills. Walking outside in nature is one of his favorite ways to ground himself. He has a special love for writing and drawing and exceeds in these areas with structured one-on-one support. DeAnthony does especially well with positive rewards in the form of food (especially tangerines!) and is working on his listening skills. DeAnthony benefits from one-on-one supervision and specific instruction to complete tasks. He is very proud of mastering tying his shoes! DeAnthony has limited speech but enjoys physical touch from trusted friends, especially head scratches.

DeAnthony would thrive in a structured, patient, and understanding home that is able to provide individual attention and watchful supervision. The family will have to work to earn DeAnthony’s trust and help him feel safe and relaxed in their home. It will be important that the family advocate for DeAnthony to have access to necessary resources to promote his growth and well-being. He enjoys being around other children but would likely do best in a home that would allow him to be a centerpiece in their lives. DeAnthony would love a forever family that would support his achievements and help him overcome obstacles.

Filmed at Austin Animal Shelter | Aired February 22, 2020

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