Photography by

Marilyn Griggs Photography


13 years old


Alonzo is a sweet, kind, and friendly child who loves playing with other children. He enjoys reading books and has an amazing book collection. He would love for someone to read books with him. He also enjoys superhero movies and Disney Channel movies. His favorite movies are Descendants and Descendants 2. He loves to sing, especially songs from movies, and is happy to perform when asked. Alonzo has many other talents! He loves to draw and he designs his own coloring books which he shares with his friends. He also likes to cook, and considers being a chef some day. Alonzo's favorite color is gold (befitting his shining personality!)

Alonzo can be shy and reserved at first but once he opens up he will steal your heart. He does well in school and makes friends easily with his classmates.

Alonzo would do best in a home with other children. He can get bored at times and would benefit from having other children in the home with whom he can play and engage. He would also benefit from a two parent home that is able to provide him with the support he needs and that is trained in trauma informed care.


Aired March 14, 2018

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