Please fill out the form below in order to have a child featured in the Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

What does it mean for a child to be in the Heart Gallery?

  1. Professionally shot portraits that are printed and also featured as active profiles on our website: (also links to TARE).
  2. Option to have a KVUE Forever Family segment filmed/aired:
  3. Social media outreach on Heart Gallery and Partnerships for Children social media pages + KVUE (Forever Families only) social media and website.
  4. Printed portraits are displayed community wide in Region 7.

Please Note:  this form needs to be filled out for all requests whether the child is new to the Heart Gallery, already a part of it, needs a new portrait/photograph, or needs a Forever Family Filming. All requests come through this form. Thank you. 

Please provide the following information for the child:

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As part of our commitment to provide robust recruitment opportunities for all children, including children of color who are disproportionately represented in the Child and Family Wellbeing systems, we request caseworkers share the following demographic information so we can ensure that as we schedule portraits and filming’s we are reaching all of the children who are being served by DFPS equally.




Race and Ethnicity:


Please provide the child's TARE information (in order to be featured in the Heart Gallery the child must already be in TARE)



Please check the box if the child is a part of a sibling group who wish to be adopted together:

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Please let us know if the child is already in the Heart Gallery:

Child is already in the Heart Gallery?:

Please provide information regarding photo/image needs and filming needs.

1. If the child is NEW to the Heart Gallery they will need a new image/photo

2. If the child is already in the Heart Gallery but it has been a year or more since they have had a photo/image taken they will need a new one.

3. If the child would like to be filmed and aired on KVUE they will need a Forever Family Filming.

Image Status:

Forever Family Filming Needed:

Please provide information for the placement (where the child currently lives). We will contact them when setting up a photo shoot or a Forever Family Filming.

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Please provide information for the child's legal team, including yourself:

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