Still Saying "YES!"

Mentor Happy Hour!

It feels like a lifetime ago that we as an organization stepped up to respond to the COVID crisis. As life slides back into meetings, lunches, and face to face interactions it becomes easy (and natural) to try and put the memory of the last few months behind us. Out of sight, out of mind. Clutching to ideals of hope for the future, it's easy to forget that while life has resumed, it's still screeched to a halt for many others. Specifically, those individuals we serve in our Rainbow Rooms, and those young adults aged from foster care. The latter, being supported both tangibly and emotionally by our YES Mentoring team.

YES Mentoring continues to provide the basic necessities for individuals experiencing hardship related to COVID-19 and its aftermath. One individual, Jessica, who has been connected with a mentor for over 5 years now, reached out via her mentor for assistance when we learned she was just a tad short on rent this month. She was hesitant to ask for help and prided herself on being able to do it on her own but realized with the current state of things she just couldn't this time. We weren't her saviors (nor does she need saving), but we were the difference between an eviction and a literal roof over her head. Partnerships for Children, through the support of our community, has stepped in to help Jessica and countless others in situations just like hers.

As things slowly return to "normal" (which is debatable what that means these days), don't lose your compassion for those who often live just out of your sight - at the peripheral of your day to day encounters. The individuals who still don't have steady employment, and have to choose between lunch or dinner. Those whom we are filling requests for daily, that still need our help even when things don't seem so bad. Understand how much it takes for a young adult, who finally felt like they've made it, to ask for help purchasing diapers for their child. Know that when they're brave enough to ask, that we will always be there to answer.

Heart Gallery professional photograph of youth

Like a lot of things, as we settle into a new routine, the Heart Gallery has had to think about different ways we can creatively keep a focus on the children we serve who are looking for their forever homes! Locations, where we have been able to showcase these amazing portraits in the past, are unavailable to us for now. In addition to the in-person exhibits that we've hosted in the past, we have also shared Heart Gallery children through Forever Families Filming’s and those have been on hold as well – until today! 

Through our partnership with KVUE, we will be able to start sharing these children's stories again weekly on KVUE starting today.

These segments will air on Thursdays at 6 a.m and Saturdays between 8-10 a.m. during Daybreak and at 11 a.m. on Thursdays during the Midday show. In the past, these stories have been shot on location at an activity that allows these kids to jump in and have some fun.  Until we can do that again, look for these stories to come to you via Zoom or at outdoor locations where everyone can be safe and socially distant.

We look forward to sharing the Heart Gallery children with you again!