12 years Old


Think this smile is big? It is no match for Timothy’s big heart. He cares deeply for his family and friends, taking care to think about what they will enjoy or what will make them happy – and then strives to do just that. Timothy can be shy initially, but once that smile shines through, he is comfortable! Always polite and respectful, his friendly, fun-loving, and joking side comes out when he’s with friends. He is a die-hard Eagles fan and can tell you anything and everything about football. He wants to play professional football one day and admires the hard work and dedication players must commit to each day to succeed.

Timothy’s forever family will be loving and kind. He would love a two-parent home where there is both structure and play. An active family would be great! His family will continue helping him grow into a successful young man and will be his advocate. Timothy’s forever family will also encourage and help him maintain contact with his biological sibling who is already in an adoptive placement.

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