Ra'Shoun, Raven, & Timothy

10 years Old

13 years Old

9 years Old


Raven is a very sweet, friendly, and outgoing little girl. She is a social butterfly and loves interacting with people and making friends. Raven is very active and full of energy. She enjoys dancing and singing. She loves to participate in social activities and interacting with people. Raven is an excellent artist and enjoys drawing characters that have a meaningful purpose. With her vivid imagination, Raven makes these characters come to life by the stories she tells. Raven also enjoys reading and writing. Raven is very caring, selfless, and considerate.

Ra’Shoun is a very soft spoken and sweet little guy. Ra’Shoun is very energetic and many times will enjoy his own company. Ra’Shoun also enjoys playing outside, making friends, and playing on his tablet. Ra’Shoun will play independently when it something he really likes. Ra’Shoun is very family oriented and loves his family.

Timothy is a very loving little boy. Timothy loves to give hugs to his caregivers. Timothy is non-verbal and communicates with gestures. He can be reserved at first until he gets to know a person. Timothy enjoys playing by himself in building Legos, magnetic tiles, and blocks. Timothy has a lot of energy and loves to run and explore new things. Timothy enjoys being outside and participating in outdoor activities.

The ideal forever family would be committed to keeping all three children together so that their sibling bond can grow and flourish.

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