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16 years old


Jose is a sweet, caring, and talkative teen. He enjoys playing basketball, dancing to hip-hop, and singing. Jose also likes to go on outings and spend time with friends and family. He loves dogs and is hopeful that he will be able to have a therapy dog in the future, or be in a home that has a dog. His favorite breed is Golden Retriever. Jose’s favorite foods are shrimp, crab, and crispitos. Jose values his relationships with his friends and connects with them on a heartfelt and emotional level.

Jose has stated he would like to be in a home with another child and that they have bunk beds. He will do well in a home experienced with transitioning children from residential treatment centers. He requires educational support and will benefit from a parent who will  help him with his homework, and give him encouragement. Jose would do well with parents who are patient and trauma-informed, and who will give him one on one attention. The family should be willing help him keep his relationships with his biological extended family members.

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