Photography by

Gypc Girl Photography


12 years Old


Michael is a friendly and funny young boy. He loves playing with Legos, Minecraft, and like many other boys his age, he likes playing video games.

When he thinks about his goals for the future, he thinks about joining the military or maybe becoming a police officer. He loves animals and hopes that he will be in a home where he will have a dog or a cat for him to play with. He loves to play outdoors and enjoys going to see movies.

Once he feels comfortable, Michael has an engaging and talkative personality and a great sense of humor. He loves to make people laugh.

He will benefit from a patient and experienced family who is ready to love and accept him. He will thrive in a structured environment where there are clear boundaries and expectations.

Michael needs strong parental figures who are able to help him learn to grow independently and create positive relationships with peers and adults. The best home for him will be where he is the oldest child.

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