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14 years Old


Matthew’s profile used to say that “Don’t worry, be happy” was his motto. It’s still true- he loves to laugh and will make you laugh with his made-up lyrics as he sings along with the radio! His heartfelt care for others comes across when he asks how someone is and listens carefully. As this young man continues to grow in maturity, he is more open about his feelings and learning to process them. His happiness is not shallow nor naïve but is genuine and true. Strong in body and mind, Matthew shares about his past while not letting it define who he is. And who he is pretty amazing! He is full of hugs and love and bravely continues to trust as he moves forward in life.

Matthew is deeply thoughtful and respectful of others’ feelings. Being a good friend is of great importance to him, and he takes care to ask about and respect boundaries while being there for people. He has the ability to find something interesting, worthy, and likeable about everyone. No one will ever be left out with him around! He loves to include others and will teach you to play Minecraft with him! He loves playing football, creating art, and shopping…. especially with people he loves. He’d also love to share some hot wings with you!

Matthew’s forever family will first and foremost be loving. They will show him unconditional love and give him attention. He gets along well with other children but needs a home where there can be individual focus on him. His family will help him be secure knowing his important place in the family. Matthew listens to gentle guidance and responds well to the opportunity to reflect and talk through a problem. Matthew’s family will participate proactively in his education to help him stay on track academically and also help him celebrate his successes.

Matthew is a member of the Choctaw Nation. A family with Native American heritage or a willingness to foster his understanding and connection to his culture is preferred.

Meet Matthew:


Filmed with guest Quan Cosby | Aired August 6, 2020

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