16 years Old


Kaidyn is a respectful, considerate youth with small-town-boy charm. He has many interests including animals and agriculture, theatre and photography, sports, comic books, and cooking. He enjoys construction projects and outside chores such as animal care, painting structures, and using a riding lawn mower. Kaidyn is a self-proclaimed Lego Master and reports that he is a "beast" on the basketball court! He also likes football and is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys and the A&M Aggies. With his diverse interests and outgoing nature, he is a lot of fun to be around. He is considering military service when he is an adult. However his kind heart lends itself to helping others, so he would really wants to be a paramedic. He is drawn to the heroic aspects of that profession. Kaidyn does well in school with a supportive environment of a small class.

Kaidyn responds best to a calm, structured environment with minimal distractions. He hopes for an active family with opportunities to play team sports and explore the outdoors. He would like to live in a rural area but will not limit himself geographically. Kaidyn has many hopes and wishes for his future family but is clear that what is most important to him is love and kindness.


Filmed with Round Rock Fire Chief Robert Isbell | Aired July 16, 2020



Filmed at Home Slice Pizza | Aired December 5, 2018

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