Photography by

Spectator Photography


16 years Old


Haiden is a fun guy to be around. He is happy, funny, nice, and sweet. Once he opens up to someone, he is very talkative. He likes to spend a lot of his time being outside, climbing things and playing soccer. He enjoys planting flowers and gardening. He also enjoys playing video games such as Minecraft, Call of Duty, and sports related games. He is a fan of the Phoenix Suns basketball team. His favorite foods are pizza, tacos, ice cream, and hamburgers. Haiden converse on a broad range of topics such as sports, television, school subjects, and cartoons. He likes to hear jokes. He does well in school where his favorite subject is Math.

Haiden will do well in a loving, structured family home. His ideal family will be open to having his brother placed in their home in the future. He is very attached to his brother therefore it is preferred he remain in Texas.


Filmed at Austin Rock & Roll Car Museum | Aired July 17, 2019

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