17 years Old


Ella is a loving and affectionate young lady. She is very sweet and has a kind heart. She enjoys arts & crafts, photography, and being creative. She desires to someday travel to Puerto Rico and walk on the beach barefooted. She has big dreams and is motivated to making them come true for herself. She works hard at achieving her goals. She sees a future in helping those who can't help themselves. She has no issues expressing herself when she sees anyone being mistreated. She is aware and will communicate what makes her happy and what makes her sad. She has a beautiful heart and would be an amazing addition to a family who shows her that she is welcomed and desired as a family member.

Ella would do great with a mom and a dad. She needs a structured home with loving and patient family who will stand by her. She will do well with parents who enjoy arts and crafts.

Meet Ella:

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