Photography by

Gift of Life Photography


16 years Old


Dustin is an outgoing young man who enjoys keeping active. He is very easy going, resilient, and quite inquisitive. Dustin can be a little shy at first until he gets to know you. Once he is comfortable, he will be very talkative! He is full of creative genius and likes a wide variety of activities that foster his artistic side. Dustin aspires to be an artist and pursues art classes to improve his natural talent. With a good head on his shoulders, he knows what he wants and is willing to work for it. He also loves playing video games, watching anime, and eating Asian food! Dustin is intelligent and kind and does well in the structure of the classroom and having time with friends his age. He will be a great addition to a loving and caring family.

Dustin’s forever family will be patient and utilize positive reinforcement. He responds well to consistent schedules and boundaries. His forever family will not just allow him to express his artistic creativity but will support and encourage his goal of becoming an artist. Dustin’s forever family will affirm and support his gender identity. He will thrive in a family with structure, boundaries, and lots of love.

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