Photography by

Gypc Girl Photography


14 years Old


Criselda is an outgoing, energetic, and friendly girl. She is active and enjoys rollerskating, playing basketball, spending time outside at the pool or water park, riding her bike, and going for walks. She is very talented and enjoys singing and dancing. She also enjoys coloring and assembling puzzles. She likes to dress up, and have her hair and nails done. Criselda likes caring for animals, and would love to have a cat of her own.

Criselda would love to have either a single mother or two mothers to help guide her through life as her parents. She would do best as an only child, or with siblings at least a few years older than her. Criselda says a fun forever family night out would be to go bowling, then eat at Peter Piper Pizza followed by a trip to an arcade to play a few games. Criselda would love to have a family with whom to share her life, and who will help her grow up to reach her full potential.

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