Photography by

Dunlap Portrait


16 years Old


Chasity is a sweet and kind young girl. She is somewhat shy but likes being around others. She is very comfortable around those who are caring and affectionate toward her. She is very polite and will use "please", "thank you", and "sorry". Chasity greatly enjoys being outdoors, and she especially likes going to the water park.  She loves coloring and showing off her work.

Chasity has development, emotional, and learning disabilities and receives special education services. She loves praise and likes to let everyone around know when she is able to accomplish a task. She is working on becoming more independent and pushes towards doing things on her own. She will get frustrated if others offer to help. Chasity is also very helpful towards others. Chasity is very well behaved and does not have many behavioral issues.

Chasity would do well in a family that is willing to help develop her interactions with people. A smaller family, of one or two children, would be preferable as Chasity is in need of moderate special attention and may require a certain level of attention as she acclimates to her new home. Siblings would also give Chasity the ability to learn socially as well as bond. It is recommended that Chasity be placed with a family who is patient and has knowledge of developmental delays, autism, and has experience communicating and loving children with these special delays.

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