Photography by

Wolves Photography


16 years Old


Casimiro, or Casi as he is affectionately known by his caregivers, teachers and friends, is a loving and responsible little boy. Casi is on the spectrum for autism but is considered high functioning. His teachers report that he is a joy and is a hard-worker when it comes to learning new things. He likes to help others, and he enjoys interacting with peers and adults. Casi can tell you anything you’d like to know about the Solar System and his favorite planet is Jupiter! He loves math and science and is usually the first one done with his work in class. Casi is an avid reader. He would much rather have a book in his hand than a ball, although he does love playing with toys as well!

Casi would thrive in a family that can create a routine and structure for him. Once he knows an expectation or rule, he is very independent. Casi is in need of an adoptive home that is nurturing, loving and dedicated to his needs.  He would do well in a home with or without other children.


Filmed at Cedar Park Railroad | Aired on June 28, 2017


Aired October 30, 2019

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