Photography by

Dunlap Portrait


8 years Old


Curious, kind, and with the sweetest smile….Caison melts hearts in an instant. Often shy at first, he opens up with time and attention. He shows care to those around him, being empathetic and kind. He loves to play with Hot Wheels, climb everything, and play outside. Curious by nature, this kid can take apart (and put together!) his electronic toys. He loves to know how things work and will immerse himself in figuring it out. Taking time to explain things, and letting him explore and discover, is a quick way to making friends with Caison. He also has a lot of energy and will chase and play as long a person is willing! When he is shown positive attention, he shyly responds positively as he knows everything is okay. It is like the burdens of the world fall off his little shoulders and he is free to be a kid again. Silly Caison is the most joyous sight!

An adoptive, forever family is a new and hard concept for Caison to understand. He is being separated from his siblings, and the sadness of this weighs on him. Caison’s forever family will be a home that helps him continue to process these feelings, is open to maintaining contact with his siblings, and provides all the love, stability, and warmth imaginable. In order for him to remain close to his siblings, families in Central Texas will be considered.

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