Beaux & Britain

12 years Old

12 years Old


Beaux and Britain are both very loving boys who are full of life and show an overwhelming kindness towards animals and children younger than them.  Though their verbal communication skills are limited, this has not limited their bond with each other. Beaux and Britain enjoy laughing and playing with each other. Beaux is always willing and eager to be by Britain's side experiencing all the new things that they are learning and exploring. Together these brothers have an extraordinary amount of love for each other.

Beaux is very loving boy with a huge kind heart and a sweet demeanor. He is friendly and communicates easily with others. He enjoys laughing and having a fun time. He is happy playing alone or with others in a small group. He enjoys playing video games, and he is very excited to play with and speak about action-super hero figures and cartoon characters. He likes dinosaurs and knows the names of all the dinosaurs. Beaux enjoys school where he does well and receives positive reports from his teachers. There is never a dull moment when Beaux is present. He does well with dogs, as does his twin brother Britain.

Britain has a reserved personality. He responds well to a structured and organized routine. Britain is non-verbal and he communicates with noises and visual prompts. Britain is happy playing alone or with an adult.  He enjoys spending time with people who show him a lot of affection and attention. He loves to be praised with external rewards for his successes. Britain also is very excited to play with action-super hero figures. And he enjoys manipulative toys such as blocks. He draws great satisfaction from organizing items in a neat line. Britain enjoys school where he requires constant supervision and guidance. Britain has so much to share with his new family. He will progress best in a placement with his twin, Beaux.

The boys ride the bus to school and do very well on the transport.

The family best suited for Beaux and Britain will be one who understands their emotional and behavioral needs. The family should be able to advocate for those needs in the school system, therapy, and with other various providers. And they should be able to provide careful supervision. The parenting style that will be best for both boys will be one that is structured, calming, and patient. Beaux and Britain will need support in various areas of their life through adulthood.

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