Photography by

Gypc Girl Photography


13 years Old


Anna is hilarious and full of life. You won’t know where she comes up with some stuff, but she will undoubtedly make you smile! Valuing her independence, Anna likes to think through and make decisions for herself. While her siblings are not part of this adoption, Anna takes her role as the oldest sibling very seriously and shows great care in ensuring their needs are met. She is a good planner and natural problem solver! She works hard and responds well to redirection, well-planned transitions, compromises, and reasonable suggestions. She enjoys horses, dogs, video games, and food (especially Sonic!). An animal lover at heart, Anna would love a forever family with a dog!

Anna’s forever family will encourage her to be a kid. She has been responsible for others and will benefit from a two-parent home that provides her with consistency, calm, and space to be a kid. Her forever family will help her maintain her relationship with her siblings.

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