Photography by

John Locke


17 years Old


Alizeah is a sweet and loving girl who is upbeat and has a contagious smile. She has a plethora of hobbies, but her favorites include shopping, playing video games and arts and crafts She also loves playing sports like volleyball and swimming. Alizeah loves squirrels and believes they are the cutest animals she has ever seen! Alizeah is a strong advocate for herself and is very intelligent.  She truly enjoys school and has excelled in her classes. She plans to go to college and has high aspirations of being a surgeon or a career where she helps others. Alizeah enjoys writing and often keeps a journal to reflect on her thoughts. 

Alizeah hopes to find a forever family where she fits in and can continue flourishing in life. She is looking for a loving family who will support her religious beliefs. Alizeah describes her perfect family as having a mother and a father, and would love to be the only child, but is open to having a sibling. She would  like an active and energetic family who is able to travel to new places. Alizeah's perfect family will continue her favorite family traditions of shopping, spending time outdoors and having family movie nights.

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