Heart Gallery

Each day, 850 children in Central Texas wait for a family and a place to call home. On average, they will move seven different times before leaving foster care.

We created the Heart Gallery to change this, to give these children a chance to have a family and a life of stability and love. The Heart Gallery is an outreach initiative to raise awareness for the incredible children in our community who are waiting to be adopted. Many of them are older, are sibling groups, or have special needs. They’re often referred to as forgotten children.

Texas photographers shine a light on these children by taking portraits of them, bringing to life their beautiful personalities in ways that words cannot. These portraits are then exhibited around Central Texas to bring attention to those in need of loving homes.

Thankfully, this program has been incredibly successful. Nationwide, the chance of these harder-to-place children finding a forever family was less than 1% a few years ago.
Today, in Central Texas, that number has surpassed 60% — and continues to grow.

Because we understand that adopting a child is not an option for everyone, we offer many other ways to help these children find a safe, permanent home with a family to love, support, and guide them.


You can help a child find a forever home by building community awareness of him or her. If you’re part of a business where artwork is on display (like a doctor’s office, hospital, restaurant, or store), hosting some of these children’s portraits can greatly increase their chances of being adopted.



If adoption is an option for you, please visit our Heart Gallery website and learn more about the beautiful children in our community in need of a loving home.