It’s National Reunification Month!

Did you know that safely reuniting children with their families is the ultimate the goal of foster care? The reunification of children placed in foster care significantly improves permanency outcomes for children and birth parents because it means that a family is healing, and children won’t have to lose the people they love the most.…

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5 Ways to Get Involved: Supporting Foster Youth in Central Texas

One of the amazing things about Partnerships for Children is the array of programming we offer designed to directly serve youth and families connected to Child Protective Services throughout Central Texas. There are plenty of ways to get involved and support your local foster care community!   Here are 5 ways to get involved!   Getting involved with the Heart…

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The Power of Music

Mark Lynch

Music taught me how to learn. I was fortunate to have music education in school starting in 5th grade. I picked drums because they looked the easiest. Drumming quickly became my passion though, and with the support of my family, school, and private music instructors, I found out that drumming and music are limitless. It’s…

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